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Built in Italy – Worn in the USA

The Oil and Gas business in the US is booming, from Texas to North Dakota innovative people are driving the success of the sector and helping to turn the American economy turnaround. This success is down to a new breed of rugged, hardcore individuals who work 24/7 to get the product out of the ground and into the market. Battle tested people who operate in exploration, drilling, production and logistics. Professionals who know the risks they take and the things they should do and wear to protect themselves in these working environments.

This elite crew also know style and craftsmanship when they see it and believe that safety boots don’t need to be big and ugly to deliver the best protection. PEZZOL have been building stylish footwear for over 50 years and have an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing safety footwear that not only delivers protection that goes beyond the US safety standards but style and comfort you would expect from Italian footwear craftsmen.

Who says oil patch guys have no style?

From Texas to North Dakota, when it comes to safety boots PEZZOL understand just what it takes to make oil and gas crews safe and comfortable. They also know that these guys not only care about how their safety boots perform but how they look when they kick back and relax. Just compare the PEZZOL Oil and Gas Collection with other branded safety boots around and you’ll soon see the difference. Put a pair on and you’ll feel the difference. Our craftsman finished Italian styling and superior comfort all come from our experience of supplying professional oil and gas men across the world with superior safety footwear.