PEZZOL... Made in Italy

Our history is all about the traditional skills of the Italian footwear craftsmen and their passion for stylish quality continues to be our motivating force.

Italian leatherworking craftsmen were some of the first to use their skills to make industrial safety boots and in the 1950’s Giuseppe Piazzolla recognised the value of these skills and harnessed them to establish the PEZZOL Footwear Company. He realised that skilled hands, a passion for creativity and his ability to control the quality at every stage of the manufacturing process would result in success. Giuseppe was right and today from a manufacturing base and operational headquarters in Barletta, southern Italy, the PEZZOL Company is now in the capable hands of a third generation of the Piazzolla family who continue to design, build and market stylish work boots that have an enviable reputation for comfort and the highest quality.

PEZZOL – Italian for safety footwear, quality and innovation

Our unique blend of tradition and technology sets PEZZOL Safety Footwear apart from our competitors. It’s important to understand that although we are proud of our long history and proven craft skills of our team of experienced professionals we have also taken care to develop our own technology and master the new innovations that continue to be introduced into the safety footwear industry. The PEZZOL manufacturing process combines the traditional and very latest robotic footwear manufacturing equipment. These digital machines guarantee total precision in the cutting, stitching and sole injection systems and are applied to the whole production cycle.

At PEZZOL we don’t make anything other than quality footwear and we don’t allow the PEZZOL brand to be used on any safety footwear we don’t make. Our customers can be guaranteed that every pair of safety shoes and boots we sell have been built to the highest quality standards and meet the strict criteria for a product that is genuinely “Made in Italy”.

To maintain our standards we focus on controlling the whole shoe production process.

ASTMPEZZOL was one of the first safety shoe factories in Europe to receive ISO 9001 accreditation for Total Quality Management System, according to the International Quality Standards.

At the same time PEZZOL has introduced an Environmental Management System, according to the ISO 14001 Standard that covers all PEZZOL operations.

PEZZOL Safety Footwear Meets all the US and European Safety Standards.


Protection in a style that’s as comfortable as a handmade shoe.

The comfort of a safety boot or shoe depends on many factors. The PEZZOL safety footwear collection has been designed with the help of people who must wear them everyday. Individuals who appreciate that PEZZOL safety footwear for it’s in quality.

We start with the sole and develop these using extensive studies of how it must perform in the environment it is designed for. Any new sole design must wrap around the foot without putting pressure on any of its delicate areas. With flexibility, weight distribution and shock absorption key to the success of any new sole design the PEZZOL team use all their experience and expertise to create moulds for the sole and footbead that build in comfort by reflecting the complex biomechanics of foot movement.

The materials we use make our safety footwear look good and rugged to their core

From fine Sicilian leather to the very latest moisture controlling synthetics the materials we use for the uppers of our safety footwear has always been selected for its quality and durablity. How it will allow the foot to breath and how well it will disperse moisture the lining textiles we use are tested to ensure their performance meets the PEZZOL standard.

For example PEZZOL introduced the “IDROTECH” system that identifies leather with a high degree of water repellence.